We Solve Businesses Number 1 Challenge

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Servant Leadership That Matters

Empowering People to Achieve Exceptional Results

Three Pillars of Service

Driving Growth and Results

Financial and Strategy

Rent a CFO

Succession Planning

Strategic Planning and Execution Support

Business Development

Sales Strategy and Leadership

Marketing Strategy

Business Development Team Training

People Services and Strategies

Executive Coaching

Executive Recruting

Team and Culture Building

Employee Engagement

Get RESULTS working with NotionPath

We bring together experience, experts, and tools.

Apply them to Coaching, Strategic Alignment, Employee Engagement and Finding Top Leadership Talent.

We empower Owners, CEO’s, their their entire team to address these business PAINS:

  • Low customer satisfaction and customer retention
  • Problems attracting of top talent
  • High employee turnover
  • Poor strategy execution
  • High absenteeism
  • High healthcare costs caused by a stressed-out workforce
  • Poor safety record and excessive workers-comp claims
  • Low productivity
  • Late deliveries
  • High waste
  • Low quality products
  • Stagnant innovation
  • Loss of market share
  • Increase in ethical violations caused by an abundance of disengaged or disenfranchised employees

Focused on delivering improved shareholder returns 

NotionPath's Employee Engagement Expert

Paul Herr in his Presentation on Nudging Your Employee describes his proven methods to connect with employee emotions. . . . . . . . . VIEW VIEDO >>

Our Secret Sauce –

Is helping you find your secret sauce.

Experience the NotionPath Difference!

Proven Methods to Improve the Top 5 Reasons Employees Leave

Leadership Coaching to Connect with People

Proven Process To Identifying Top Leadership Talent

From the best assessment tools to 25+ years of Experience building successful teams – an unparalleled process delivering exceptional results.

Recruiting Solutions to Attract Top Talent

People Centric Transformation Solutions to Drive Results

We take a partnership approach for both Candidates and Employers to the Challenge of Building Great Teams

Building Cultures that Bring Market Differentiators

Employee Engagement Methods based on the Harvard, Four-Drive Model

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