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David McKnight, Principal/Owner, and Chief People Officer.

Below is the NotionPath Job Board.   Select the role that best fits your education, skills, and interest.   If your goal is to level up, great – we are often looking for the next leader or senior roles.    Don’t see the opportunity you are looking for. Contact us. Up to 70% of new roles never get advertised. We have been building relationships with employers for 20 years and leverage those relationships to help you get outside of the “job board” process and introduce you to employers and their hiring managers.

Interested in Professional Career Coaching

I work with business professionals on one of the biggest challenges we face – your career.   Yes, a Resume and LinkedIn Page are important but I go well beyond that and help with making connections, network, introduction to employers, review assessment, help to prepare for interviews.  Delivered by 25 years of experience as a hiring manager at the c-level.   I bring focused practical advise and help to get interviews.

Fees range from $500 to $3,500.   More Details below.

Visit my Career Coaching Page -or- Call me 608-695-8438 and let get started.

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“x” Position are ones that Never hit our Job Board or maybe any Job Board 

We leverage our Employer Relationships to Find or Create a Role Right for YOU!

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