Welcome, this is an invitation-only Page to learn about how you can invest in your career.   Coaching is an investment in yourself.   While typically an expense and only within the reach of Senior Executives as a “business” write off – my goal is to provide qualified experienced mentoring at an affordable price to get your career accelerated and an ROI (Return on Investment) many multiples of any fees or time you spend investing in yourself.  As long as You follow our Advise – That’s a Guarantee.

Career Mentoring and Coaching
  • Discover Your Value Proposition, Communicate Your Brand, Be Discoverable
  • Job Search Strategies, Networking and Interviewing to Standout
  • Career Mentoring from 30-60-90 day plans to Leadership Development
I offer Free Help, Group Coaching and One-on-One “Done For You” Support. 
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Lead by David McKnight, CEO, COO, CFO, Mentor, Team Builder, and Executive Recruiter

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Navigating this broken job search process can be a challenge.  
  • Job Boards are broken! 
  • Only 30% of jobs get posted, while 70% of jobs never get published – the “Hidden” job market.   
  • Resume and Cover letters are much different today – employers usually take only 6 seconds to scan a resume before they decide if they want to read more – does yours pass that test?   
  • Not hearing back from Employers?
  • Then there is your LinkedIn profile – 95% of Employers search there first….can they find you?    
I’ve created a process, a plan, that includes:
  • Discovery – get the focus and clarity you need
  • Branding – Resume, Cover Letters and LinkedIn Profiles that work today
  • Job Search processes to get around job boards and go after the “Hidden” Job Market
  • Networking, rapid growth, without going to social events every week
  • Interviewing methods to standout – few take this approach


  • Building Your Foundation – Your Winning Routine: Wellness and Mindset Practices
  • Building your “Business of One” skills to help position yourself as an expert
  • Career Mentoring, your advocate with 30 years of coaching, mentoring, hiring and recruiting experience to help you build a Growth Mindset and Grit.  The Power of Passion and Perseverance.

I offer a full hour FREE career mentoring session to help you discover the exact steps you should take to GET HIRED.  Part of it is like doing a phone interview and get the immediate, honest feedback you can use now.  When is the last time you did an interview, and the interviewer told you exactly how you did?

Follow this link to schedule a time.  There is a short form to gather info to get the most out of our time.   

Hope to talk to you!


David was instrumental in guiding me through the uncharted waters of a career search after many years with an employer.  His guidance on my Resume, Linkedin profile and help leveraging a network were the keys to not only finding a role but one that was never posted.   It’s a perfect fit and new challenge for me.


Brooke Barney

Director of Marketing & Strategy at Thysse

Through David’s assessment, I’ve gained insights into leveraging my behavioral profile to help define my personal branding and along with David’s guidance navigating this challenging job market I’ve made connections not possible before we started working together.

Mick image

Mick Casey

Chief Financial Office

Two years after I relocated for my employer, they decided to move.  I found myself in a community I did not know.  David was instrumental in helping me build my network and start having conversations that I needed to have.   Looking for a C-Level role is about your connections…or at least your connections connections.   The branding helped focus my message, my pitch, and avoid rambling on about 20 years of expereince and in the technology world 20 years is old news.  David took time to be there through the whole process, brainstorming how to approach opportunities and be a clear choice.


Jim Tarala


David was incredible during the interview process and continues to be a resource. David is invested in, not only the company goals but an individual’s personal career goals. There have been several instances where he has gone out of his way to send tips or articles my way. David’s tips, articles, and book suggestions are directly responsible for helping me develop areas where I had been struggling. Totally revolutionized my prospecting style! Many thanks and high recommendations.


Amy Hale

Account Representative

David has been a wonderful help in creating my brand and helping position me as a Division leader, mentor, and coach for building my team.   Establish me as a “Business of One”.  He continued to help identify innovative ways to network and identify prospects.


Nika Redding

Division Leader

David’s expereince as a recruiter has been extremely helpful in the position myself for not just one but two roles.   He takes time to help you understand how to position yourself best for the role and be “the” clear choice.  


Cody Wiseman

VP of Sales


NotionPath “Business of One” Solution

Who Is This For:

If you are a coach, consultant, small business owner, insurance agent building a team of independent agents – we have solutions for you. 

Built on our “Business of One” branding combined by 30 years of Business Management and Development to help you get your business to scale and results (i.e., Profits).      Leveraging the Strategic Planning and Execution Management process and techniques used to drive growth at small to mid-size companies from StartUp’s to $50M and 300 employee strong organizations.   We help Solopreneur develop their WHY? The business model, business development from lead generation to closing on sales, accounting, business planning, and administration.    At a far more affordable and comprehensive approach.      Use the same link below just let us know you seek the “NotionPath Business of One Solution”.

Who Is This Guy?   David McKnight

I’ve had the fantastic good fortune to have served a handful of companies in the roles of CEO, COO, and CFO.   My strength is as a COO, operations.   From building the team to financial and administrative challenge and building and leading the business development strategy.    As a Servant Leader, I love helping make things happen.    I have hired over 1,000 team members, have mentored 100’s,  been an executive recruiter and placing almost a 100.   One Executive and Professional at a time.   I have an MBA from UW-Madison, Go Badges! And Computer Information System degree from Northern Michigan University.   I’ve served in the industries of manufacturing, software development, healthcare, construction/architecture/engineering, real estate, and retail.   I’ve founded a Startup and exited from it and served multiple startups up to companies doing $50 in revenue and 300 employees strong.

My passion for career mentoring comes from finding myself in the job market after serving a company for 22 years.  A job and a company I loved.   At first, I was confident that I would consult for a couple of months then find an executive role.   Well, it took 18 months, burning through much of my savings and creating havoc on my relationships.     I came out committed to finding some answers to this challenging job market.   The market remains difficult despite the economy and unemployment rate.   I continued to serve and consult with business focusing on helping rapid growth companies build teams and a turn-a-round struggling, nearly to the point of collapse because of their inability to recruit and retain good talent.

Two years ago in 2017 I made the leap to form my own “Business of One” company – NotionPath – focusing first on recruiting to stabilized my income while I built my Career Mentoring – Get Hired practice.   I’ve supported over 100 executives and professionals as a career mentor and now working on a dozen in the program.   While working one-on-one is rewarding my goal is also to offer a group mentoring program to reach more.

People are an organization’s more valuable resource, and we need to put people back into the approach we use to find, recruit and retain the best talent.  To be the “best” talent one must take ownership of themselves, invest in their wellness and mindfulness, commit to not just owning the skills they need but also build a growth mindset and “grit.”    Grit – courage, resolve; and the strength of character.  The Power of Passion and Perseverance – Angela Duckworth.   

Let’s do this together and make a difference in the organizations we serve.



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