Are you seeking new opportunities and realizing how drastically different today’s job search process is?

NotionPath Short Response

  • Do you actually need a writer to help?

No, but because Employers get so many resumes, Recruiters only spend 6 seconds scanning them so you have to get their attention

  • Does anyone read cover letters?

Yes, they do, but not the “traditional” cover letter – those can actually hurt your chances.

  • Haven’t done much with your LinkedIn profile?

A great LinkedIn profile is your best tool to tell your story and be found by employers

  • Job boards, besides being a pain, seem like a black hole

They are, but there are ways to get around them – see Blog Post – 8 Steps to Break out of this Madness

  • How do you tap into the “hidden job” market?

Especially for Executive or Leadership Roles, positioning yourself, branding, and getting to Hiring managers is you best chance to learn about opportunities.

  • To be good at Networking do I really need to attend?

No, they can help, but good “networking” is so much more

  • When did Interviews change? – video, panel interviews, behavioral questions, on and on.

Be prepared and learn how to “Close” your interview

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