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END OF 2019 PRICE REDUCTION:  I want to help as many people as I can, no matter how much your are struggling.   Job Market remains hot and employers need to fill roles going into 2020.   Invest in yourself and let’s get started today!


Warning:  This is not for everyone.  You must be awesome at what you do and you are commited to owning your career search process.   I won’t chase you down.   I will work hard and smart to help you get your goals accomplished.

Price Cuts


David McKnight and NotionPath

3 Hour Coaching Block


Outline of Services

  • Three One Hour Coaching Sessions
  • Review Your Goals and Define a Plan
  • Get Feedback on Your Resume, Profile, and CoverLetters
  • Define a Job Search Strategy that works for you
    • Get Around Job Boards
    • Go After the Hidden Job Market
  • Interview Guide
  • All fees paid will apply to the full GetHired Program GetHired Program

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7 Hour Coaching Block


All Services outline in 3 hour Block plus:

  • Discovery Form (same form used in the full GetHired Program)
    • Includes Four of the most common Employment Assessments and how you can hack the results
  • “Done for your Services” for Resume, Profile, and one Coverletter
  • Job Search Strategy Execution for Top 10 Target Employers
    • A guided approach to go after ten employers
  • Mock Interview – learn how to connect with employers and build a relationship

Click Buy Now to use PayPal to Process Your Payment then you will be provided a link to schedule your first session.

Full GetHired Program

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Step 3: Job Search Strategies

Step 4: Reverse Interview

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One-on-One Coaching

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What Clients Say

Below are a handful of recent clients and employers that I have helped.   From C-Level leaders to those just starting their professional career.   What is consistent about these professionals is that they own their career search and allowed me to guide them through the crazy process.   Often, giving insights from an employer or hiring manager perspective and offering tools and process that few are using.    Yes, I love to provide references.  Contact me and I’ll find a client that has a simular challange as you do so you can hear directly from them what it was like to work with me.

“David was instrumental in guiding me through the uncharted waters of a career search after many years with an employer.  His guidance on my Resume, Linkedin profile and help leveraging a network were the keys to not only finding a role but one that was never posted.   It’s a perfect fit and new challenge for me.”



VP of Marketing

“Through David’s assessment, I’ve gained insights into leveraging my behavioral profile to help define my personal branding and along with David’s guidance navigating this challenging job market I’ve made connections not possible before we started working together.”

Mick image



“…David was integral in bringing employee personality and behavioral assessments to Iconica. The effort really helped the company and staff understand the best way to interact with each other and succeed.”



TDirector of Business Development

“I appreciated the time I was able to spend with David as he’s an enthusiastic mentor, and is always suggesting other avenues to explore and learn. Intellectual curiosity is something I’ve always admired in people, and David is a prime example of this trait. His encouragement can go a long way in driving people to attain goals they thought were out of reach.”



Product Development Manager

“David is a great recruiter. David connected with me to see if I might be a good fit for a sales position. He was very professional and respectful when he reached out to me. Because of this I wanted to learn more about the opportunity. David is a very intelligent person and fun to talk to. If I were looking to grow a strong team at any company, I would definitely hire David to lead the process. I now work with much of the talent he recruited, and he did a great job!”



Sales Manager

“David was incredible during the interview process and continues to be a resource. David is invested in,not only the company goals, but individual’s personal career goals. There have been several instances where he has gone out of his way to send tips or articles my way. David’s tips, articles and book suggestions are directly responsible in helping me develop areas where I had been struggling. Totally revolutionized my prospecting style! Many thanks and high recommendations. He is a great asset to Shoutlet.”



Account Manager

“David was instrumental in helping me secure my sales position at Shoutlet. He helped guide me through the screening process and ultimately gave me the tools and resources I needed to prepare for my interview. David’s knowledge and guidance not only helped me prepare, but gave me a clear idea of the company and position I was applying for. A true professional, he followed up with me throughout the process and helped give me valuable insight into how I can continue to be successful in sales. I would highly recommend David as a valuable resource to any organization.”



Account Manager

The Director of Human Resources with large Corporation complimented her on her LinkedIn Profile “After reading that I felt like I knew you.  I wish everyone would do what you have done as it makes my job so much easier to find the right candidates”…then they proceeded to spend 10 minutes talking about what’s on it.”



Business Analyst

“David is a huge resoruce in helping me grow my network after a layoff.   He give me the “receipe” to naviage  a search for a c-level role”




“As a mom returning to the workforce it was very overwhelming to find a way to compete.  Davi’s process give me that direction as well and invaluable ways to connect with employers.   I would have employers just talk about my LinkedIn profile which helped me feel very comfortable in the intervew process.   I’ve continue working with David as an Executive coach to get his years of insights and help me navigate the  corporate world.”




“Thanks, David….and by the way…THANKS for following up with me and keeping in touch. It’s clear you’re genuinely interested in helping me find a position and are a proactive person. I’ve reached out to at least 35 or so recruiters on LinkedIn who have either not bothered to accept my connection or have accepted, but simply don’t communicate. A handful say “thanks” or “will do” but many of them just remain silent. At first, I thought it was me…but I’ve had several friends with the same experience…they’re looking for a job and reach out to recruiters, but the recruiters don’t seem to be responsive. I don’t understand it myself. Anyways, I’m glad to be working with someone like you who actually seems to be involved in the process of helping candidates find positions.”

Dan just him


IT Applications Manager

“David has been instrumental in the recruitment process from identification to screening to nurturing of technology sales talent. His leadership skills, experience, and consultation have been valuable resources to me in the early stages of building a successful sales team.”

Greg C


VP of Sales - Employer

“David was a great resource to help be establish my Business of One.  First by hekping me target my ideal customer then leveraging LinkedIn to build MY community”



Financial Services

“David McKnight and NotionPath are a valuable resource to Sullivan designBUILD in providing management and human resource consulting especially with Recruiting important professional roles.   David listens and understands our needs and delivers highly professional candidates that are a great fit for the role and our culture.   He gets it right quickly saving us from having to interview several candidates.”

John Riley photo


CEO - Employer

“I had the privilege of working with David for several years at Omnipress. These were high growth years at the company and David’s performance & expertise in areas of HR, IT, accounting and other financial responsibilities helped contribute to the company’s growth and success.”



General Manager - Employer

“David is an excellent coach for anyone or comapny looking to levelup”




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