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David McKnight, Principal/Owner, and Chief People Officer

My experience has been that the best talent is too busy to search for a new role.   Too busy making a difference in their current role.    Yet are interested in exploring new opportunities for the right fit.   The right role.   The right opportunity.  The right company.   The right growth.   If that sounds like you then we can help.    We have experience placing 100’s of professional and working with 1000’s over 25 years of building multiple winning teams creating significant shareholder value.   Lets us help you find that next challenge in your career.

Below is the NotionPath Professional Roles List.   Select the role that best fits your education, skills, and interest.   If your goal is to level up, great – we are often looking for the next leader or senior roles.    You will find applying at NotionPath will take up to 3 hours of your time to complete all the material we ask.  Plus up to an hour, face-to-face interview, for qualified candidates and many candidates may get more time to ensure we find the right match – meet your goals and the employers.   Our process is NOT about volume – we focus on quality.  Both in identifying great Candidates and great Companies.   

Look for the best-fit role for you below and let’s start the conversation:

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“x” Position are ones that Never hit our Job Board or maybe any Job Board 

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