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Learn about the Ayurveda Difference

Ayurveda is translated to mean life knowledge.  If you let that sink in for a moment, you will realize how comprehensive of a system it is.  This is a system of self-care based on the specific needs of the individual.   As humans, we all share the desire to live.  This causes us to do things like eat healthy food, exercise, get enough sleep.  Sometimes, we notice we need to tweak our self-care.  Maybe we have gotten ill, gained or lost weight, we aren’t sleeping well, or we just don’t feel our best.  We begin to look for answers, we try things, some work some don’t.  We may feel better, we may not.  We might get tired of trying new things and go back to the way we were, and start the cycle over again.  I don’t know about you, but I just described a few good years of my own life!  Years I can never get back.  I wanted something more, I kept trying new things, I knew the answers I was seeking were out there waiting for me.  When I discovered Ayurveda I felt as if I found the key to the universe!  All my deepest questions about being human were finally answered!  Ayurveda is for EVERYONE!!!  Although it is an ancient science, Ayurveda is designed to teach people how to care for themselves in this modern world, because it adapts to meet each individual where they are in all areas of living.  Self-care that is customized specifically for the individual, because everyone is on their own unique journey.   This is not a one size fits all approach. Your time is irreplaceable!  Don’t waste it trying this and that!  Find out about YOU!!!   What do you need to live your most fulfilling life?  Are you willing to be a full participant in your own wellbeing?   Are you ready?

Lisa McKnight, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner                   

Executives Health and Mindset Plan

Starting at $999

This is your introductory package and consists of  Five visits.  This will get you well established with an Ayurvedic approach.  You will develop an understanding of how Ayurveda works to help you establish the ultimate self-care you need to be your best in this life.  Ayurveda meets you where you are and takes you as far as you allow yourself to go.  Five visits will start you on this path, or deepen your continuing path of self-discovery.  This package takes 1.5 – 2.5 months to complete depending on the frequency of visits.

Visit 1:  In visit one, we will assess your health and discuss your concerns.  We will identify your constitution and help you set a goal.  After this appointment, I carefully go over everything we talked about and create your custom plan.  While you are waiting for your results you are invited to reflect on everything we discussed.  This type of assessment may have been a new experience for you and perhaps brought up a lot of questions or things to think about.  I welcome you to make a list of questions or do some journaling around it.

Visit 2:  You will receive the results of visit one with specific recommendations based on your individual needs.

Visit 3:  We will check your progress and how you are feeling. as you adjust to your custom practices.   New recommendations will build on those previously given.

Visit 4:  Now it’s sinking in deeper and deeper!  We will go over everything, continue to tweak and adjust.  You are unique, you change and grow, Ayurveda is here to support you!  New recommendations will be given as needed.

Visit 5:  In this visit, we check in and build on previous visits with new recommendations and support.  This is where we go over your experience and decide how to proceed.  Are you feeling like you’re just getting started and want monthly support?   Are you feeling like you have a good foundation and just need seasonal support?  Maybe you are finished for now and want to continue on your own?

$299 Career Behavior Assessment Option:  Ayurveda is all-encompassing.  Let us show you how to compare the results of your behavioral assessment to your Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations.    To get a competitive edge and understanding of your career objectives.   Start with a clear understanding, match your assessment to your career position desired, and predict how Employers will respond.    This information gives you insights few candidates will have and help position yourself at the top of any professional level position.        This $500 Value includes a professional online assessment, access to the Employer Reporting and Evaluation, and 1-hour appointment with a 25 year C-Level Executive who has conducted thousands of interviews and hired over 500 professionals.

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Intensive Four Month Wellness Plan

Additional $799

This package consists of four monthly visits and is designed to be a continuation of the five visit package.  Reasons to go with this package.

  1. If we are working on a specific plan/issue and you feel monthly support is helpful for you
  2. If you feel like you just scratched the surface and have a deep desire to know more.

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Seasonal Appointments Wellness Plan

Additional $599

Three Seasonal visits.  This package is designed to take you through the seasons with personalized recommendations for you to support your body and mind  throughout the year.  The Five visit package gave you a good foundation, lets build on that as you change with the seasons.

Individual Visits:  $199

Only for clients who have completed the Assessment Plan

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