25 Years of Experience Building Successful Teams

People, Process and Profits

Finding and Developing Leaders is in our DNA

David McKnight, MBA

CEO and Founder

Bringing 25 years of executive servant leadership experience to serve you and your team.   I’ve spent my career not as a consultant or coach – but as a practitioner – doing.  Honored to serve as a CEO, COO and CFO – and in whatever role was needed.  I’ve swept floors,  answered the phone, taken orders, and served along side of my team.    I bring a practical, hands on, business savvy, results focused approach that helps businesses and professionals identify ways to understand and attract success.

At the foundation of my career is serving People.   While I can offer strong financial and technology skills to any business challenge I believe my strength is in my belief in people and creating an environment and the process to empower them to success… and my employers…and now clients.

Finding Leaders is part science and art.   It requires experience, understanding, and strong listening skills.    I bring an extensive network including being ranked on LinkedIn in the top 1%.

David McKnight at CultureCon 2018

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