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► I believe the recruiting industry and processes are BROKEN. It's not working for Professionals or Employers. Are you going to go about this challenge like everyone else?

► Support Startup Founders that have a proven viable product and/or service and now seeking ways to scale their company

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I serve as an extension of your team to bring decades of experience and proven process to get stuff done.    Together we will find a solution to meet those needs to empower your company to scale, grow, innovate, implement continuous improvement, and profit. Contact me to discuss your companies needs

Recruiting is part Art and part Science.   Your people are your most valuable asset.   Today’s recruiting processes are BROKEN – it’s not working for Employers nor Talented Professionals.   As a Career Coach, I am in touch and informed what they are looking for in an employer.   It’s a relationship based process, much like sales and marketing.   Investing in solutions and support that understand and support your culture, processes, current people all committed to your organization’s success.

Supporting Startup Founders a they sacle there companies.     Support business planning, lead generation levering Linkedin to early support for Halo, LLC in preparing founders for the challange or raising funding.   More about Halo go to

Three Things Every Entrepreneur Wants

Source: World Academy for Entrepreneurship & Enterprise (WAE2)

1. Move Faster

2. Be Smarter

3. Build Better Teams

Our Focus at NotionPath is helping You Build Better Teams

Professional Recruiting and Executive Coaching

–> For your Executives, Managers and Experienced Talent

–> Bringing the experience of 20 years at as a C-Level executive building multiple teams across multiple industries.

–> Providing full Recruitment Process Outsourcing including sourcing, applicant tracking, interviewing, assessments, reference checking, offer negotiation, onboarding support, followup and coaching after placement.

–> Due to our efficiency, large passive candidate database, focus on a few clients. 

–> Executive and Leadership Coaching – Perforamnce Improvement Plans. 

–> Investing and Retaining Top Talent is far more cost effective than replacing them. 

–> Pick two – NOT with Notionpath – We deliver on all three…



Competitive Price. 

Contact or 608-695-8438 to learn more how I can help you Build Great Teams.

Need help getting your team more effective at Recruiting?

I believe all employees need to be effective at sourcing and recruiting most of their new talent.  I’ll teach them how.   Often for the cost of just a couple placement fees, I can help your team put into place a strong recruiting process.   I’ll offer solutions to help with:

  • Employer Branding
  • Application Tracking Software, configuration, and use
  • Pre-Placement Assessments
  • Interviewing skills for HR and Hiring Managers
  • Reviews and Professional Development
  • Retention and Engagement
  • Team Building
  • Alignment on Strategy, Key Objectives
  • Structure and Processes that will help support Culture

Learn more below…

Executive and Team Coaching

Succession Planning * Rapid Growth * Proformance Improvement,

-> Struggling to get the most out of your team

-> Want better results from your Project Teams

-> You Realize the value of fully engaged team members that feel empowered to contribute

-> Need Team Leader Training and Support

At NotionPath we offer a holistic approach to getting more from your teams…person by person…team by team.   We focus on behaviors, communication, management, roles support, professional development – a people-centric approach.

Our Clients often realize an ROI on their very first team or project…then carry that forward to the rest of the organization and projects.

Executive and Leadership Caoching – Working one-on-one to address performance issues or level up your most imporant resource.

NotionPath 10 Step Assessment for

Building a Great Team

The NotionPath approach focuses on these ten critical areas of building a great team:
1.    Strategic Alignment
2.   Culture
3.   Pay and Benefits
4.   HR and Hiring Managers Preparedness
5.   Managing Outside Recruiters and Employment Agencies
6.   Employer Branding
7.   Onboarding
8.   Employee Reviews
9.   Professional Development
10. Retention

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Recruiting Consulting

Are You Struggling to Find Top Talent?

We can work with your In-House Recruiting Team or Outsource Recruiters to get Better Results

Experience of a C-Level executive to ensure high-quality candidates

Roughly half of U.S. employers are experiencing difficulty:

> attracting critical-skill employees (52%)

> top performers (50%)

> high-potential employees (48%)

Source: Willis Towers Watson (NASDAQ:WLTW), a leading global advisory

Employee Retention is a Companies Number One Challenge

Revenue Growth, Continuous Process Improvements, Innovation, Culture – RESULTS – are all significantly impacted by a Companies ability to Retain and Attract Top Talent.    Todays Talent have more options, are less concerned with changing jobs more often, care deeply about working with people they like, supervisor they respect, companies they believe in and offer an environment of personal and professional growth.

The NotionPath Difference

No two Companies are the same…often on different paths of development.   We spend time to understand our Clients, identify areas to get transformative growth then bring the experts with proven results to solve your challenges.    Transformative change can take 12 to 18 months to obtain.  However, we believe our approaches can yield measurable returns within the first month o two giving owners and CEOs confidence their ROI is on tract.

Building a leadership team can make the difference to meet these challenges.  Most owners,  CEOs, or founders struggle to find the time to devote to this process…often delegating it to a junior level employee in HR or outside recruiter – that hardly knows your business let alone the qualities of a Leader.

It is a skill.  Part art, part science.  The art comes in 30 years of interviewing 1,000+ people for many different types of roles.   Honing listen skills and questioning skills.   Done right it’s very enjoyable and the experience, regardless of the outcome, should be a respectable process.    Our 10 Point Leadership Assessment to provided a comprehensive overview matched to the characteristics of the role   We use industry leading Assessment Tools to provide the science.At NotionPath we are constantly building Top Leadership Community and get to know those leaders..     We work collaboratively with our Employer Clients to know what your needs are and using a process we call “Reverse Recruiting” we match the talent with the needs of employers.

If your recruiting challenges extend beyond leadership roles we have solutions that keep this process inhouse, you own the candidate relationships, build your employer brand, and offer sort term or long term solutions.

Employee Engagement

Think of Employee Engagement as your fuel, your catalyst to make stuff happen.   Far more than just creating a “fun” place to work.   If that’s where your efforts end chances are you aren’t actively engaging all of your employees.    We feel there are two parts to this challenge:

#1 Connecting with your employees at an emotional level.   Understanding your employees Why.  What get’s  them excited.  How can you tap into that better.

#2 Engagement tools – from marketing content, to employee activities, to interactive tools that allow you to build on that relationship and create raging advocates for your brand.   Leverage the most engaging tool that they are already using – their smart phones.

A uniqueness that NotionPath can help is that merger of marketing with human resources.   Understanding the differences of your employee community yet leverage the information and digital assets that your marketing team already shares to tap into what should be your biggest advocate your employees and those that wish to join you.

Employer Branding

In most cases attracting a talented team comes before finding customers.    Yet we invest far more in Marketing to customers.   The challenge is that while the Marketing team can help HR to create some focus on “selling” to candidate it requires a different mindset, different tools, different voice all of which HR needs to own.  NotionPath can bridge that gap with solutions that allow you to build a candidate community and greatly speed up the process to fill openings and scale.

Employee Engagement

To effectually integrate sales into your entire team, create a culture of continuous process improvement and innovation,  or create a culture of collaboration to break silos – you need Engaged Employees.   Study show only 33% of Employees are engaged.    That’s a failure.  We can bring real solutions that tap into areas of emotion to lead to exceptional performance.  And fun.

Strategic Planning and Execution Management

2% Plan, 98% Do.   Every organization should Plan but focus on getting stuff done.    Using our “People” approach we facilitate an approach to help you and your team get clear on your value proposition, differentiators, operational – strategic – financial objectives, then roll that into a continuous execution process that engages your leadership team first – then your whole company.

Recruiting and Team Building

Executive and Professional Recruitment services without the high price of placement fees.   Finding the right talent is more than just having a large database of potential candidates.   We start with a detailed understanding what the right candidate is from experience o skills and including Culture, Innovative, and Engaged.     We employe a number of assessment tools helpful with recruitment and in coaching and development of your existing team.   Want to know if you have the right players on the bus AND in the right seat, we can help.

Financial Management for Results

Measuring and interpreting your financial information is key to getting a clear picture of your business.   Analyzing and communicating this financial knowledge into actionable measures, results,  KPI’s, and alignment of your team.   Combining the financial skills of a CFO with the Business Development skills of a CEO to empower action and ensure results.

Business Development

The single business challenge for most organizations is business development – sales and marketing.   The last 10 years have completely changes the way business do business, reach new clients, find leads, and secure long term relationships.   NotionPath bring insight into this challenge for organizations that sell a customized high dollar value product and rely on building relationships to sustain long term results.

Creating Scale

The second big challenge for an organization once they have success with  business development is to scale their business.  Starting with a clear vision of process and roles to empower your team to meet the demands of growth.   It becomes less about a visionary leader/owner, a great product/service and now is the challenge to replicate that with a much bigger team.   We bring solutions that break down barriers to growth.

Executive Coaching and Development

Leadership is a full contact sport and requires clear intent to reach new levels.   At NotionPath we have two decades focus on building willing leadership teams…one leaders at a time.   Our approach is apply servant leadership principles but with clear action in todays fast pace business world.   Our deep experience combined with the assessment tools to give clear insight to be identify and  development the skills needed to be successful and dynamic leaders.

People Centric Transformation Solutions to Drive Results

People Centric Transformational Solutions

If you face one or more of these challenges we can help.

Sales Growth – the number one factor keeping companies stable and profitable
Getting scale – multiple challenges can impact your ability to meet growth AND achieve industry leading results (profits)
Fully Engaged Employees – studies show on average only 33% of employees are engaged
People and Leadership Development and Succession Planning – a big issue for most small privately held companies but this can impact any organizations  ability to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our people centric approach to leadership and change management lead to these core cultural changes that create Market Differinciators:

building a culture of growth within your entire organization to lead to sustainable, replicable, steady growth (could be rapid)

  • Revenue Growth Strategies and every Team Members Role
  • Employer Branding, Candidate Communities

building a culture of continuous improvement and innovative thinking

  • Embrasing Change and each persons role in that
  • Innovation thinking and what does that mean for your orgainzation

building a culture of collaboration to break down silos and foster growth in all these area as well as individual professional growth

  • Leverage our differences to to create expotential that only groups can create

building a culture of Employee Development – core to fueling these challenges is building an organization that is both connected with and fosters a connection with the emotions in each team member.  Getting alignment personally, professionally, with leadership and the whole organization is what empowers people to be their best.  

  • Professional Development
  • Wellness Assessments – An organization that understands there is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing and can use that as a differentiator – an investment in people and empowering exception capacity to succeed.  As a personal foundation we offer an Ayurveda Assessment and Treatment Plan.  It provides a far deepert level of understnading.  Provided confidentially by a certified Ayurveda Practicianer.

The combination and intensity of these cultural beliefs is what can define or enhance your Secret Sauce

What’s your Notion of Success?

Finding your organizations secret sauce is the goal.   Every company is different.    We can help you discover yours….then help define your PATH to achieve it.

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