DISCOVER the Career Role Right for You

And a Plan to Get Hired

Are You:

  • Unhappy in your current career?
  • Not feeling fulfilled or appreciated in your career?
  • Not sure if you are even in the right role for you?
  • Unclear on the steps you need to take to figure that out?
  • Maybe you have been searching but not getting feedback from recruiters or employers and left wondering if you are stuck in the role you have?

We combine an approach that leverages Vedic Astrology to identify your Career Path with a Career Strategic Discovery process to find the clarity and focus you need to find the career you love and a plan to get there.

The science of Vedic Astrology has been used for thousands of years and is still very actively sought out in the modern world. Vedic Astrology can show you the type of career that will be most satisfying for your constitution, therefore allowing you to do your best work in the world, with a higher level of personal satisfaction. Lisa is a Certified Vedic Astrologer (learn more about Lisa below). To do this assessment, you must provide accurate birth details so that your precise birth chart can be generated. We will need your Birth Date, Time, and Location.

Next, we conduct an extensive Career Discovery and Strategy process that will define your career mission and values, unique value proposition, hard and soft skills, and key accomplishments. This process is guided by the experience of an employer with 30 years of hiring, recruiting, and mentoring professionals and executives (learn more about David below). We bring together this assessment with your Career Path to find the clarity and focus you need.

We go one step further and define a strategic plan that empowers your ability to self-advocate and define for you how to:

→ build a professional brand

 conduct a job search and outreach process to lead to meaningful conversations

→ interviewing techniques to help you stand out and get hired in a role that you love

You will receive:

  • A copy of your Vedic Astrology birth chart
  • Career Discovery Form that provides what you need to define your Brand
  • Career Search Plan that outlines the steps you need to take to conduct a successful search
  • One hour of consulting with Lisa
  • Up to three hours of consulting David

This process is NOT for everyone.  It requires an openness to discovering the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology, A thought-provoking curiosity, and the time that takes to unpack your career, intent, and passions for the future.  

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Lisa McKnight’s Bio

Many years ago, when I had my first Jyotish reading I felt as though the Astrologer was describing a stranger. It was exciting and confusing all at once and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this new information, so I went about my life in much the same way knowing that the seeds had been planted. As an Empath, I had always felt and sensed everything intensely, but I had no structure to understand how that gift affected my life or any idea that I was empathic, there was no language for it that was available to me at that particular phase of my journey. The reading whispered in my ear from time to time reminding me of my Dharmic Path, but I had no idea how to work with the information. How do I gain access to this part of me I don’t even know? The whispering continued and became louder and louder. My life kept trying to lead me there, but resistance kept showing up. Without the skills to navigate this process, I was defeated every time I tried to move forward. Eventually, the opportunity to study Ayurveda was revealed and I realized this held many of the answers I was seeking. Ayurveda ignited my Dharma and further opened my path to self-discovery.

Then I was led to Kundalini Yoga, this powerful practice awakened my Shakti and made it possible for me to access the mindset I needed to continue on my journey and study Jyotish. It is at this point I began to understand my empathic gifts and realize they are the filter for everything in my life. This opened a portal of no return. Suddenly everything made sense! I realize now that my soul had a mission and as I stumbled through most of the way blindly with only my faith to direct me, something beautiful had happened!

I opened to a new way of being, took responsibility for the quality of my own life experience and emerged to living the very best version of myself! I realize now that knowing my Dharma wasn’t enough, I had to put in the work it took to enliven this sacred gift. It took me years, and the path developed as I walked. I was guided to the right mentors at the perfect times and I am forever grateful to each and every one of them for helping me excavate all my hidden pieces! It is now my mission to light a torch for empathic women like you, who are ready to take this journey to discover your dharma and also to awaken your Shakti and live it! I look forward to a magical walk with you.

  • Studied Ayurveda at California College of Ayurveda
  • Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner through Kanyakumari
  • Certified Ayurvedic Bodywork with Ajara
  • Former Ayurvedic Educator at Aveda Institute
  • American Academy of Vedic Art and Science Certified Vedic Astrologer
  • Studied at American Institute of Vedic Studies
  • Mentorship in Tantra
  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Student

David McKnight Bio

I’ve had the fantastic good fortune to have served a handful of companies in the roles of CEO, COO, and CFO.   My strength is as a COO, operations.   From building the team to financial and administrative challenge and building and leading the business development strategy.    As a Servant Leader, I love helping make things happen.    I have hired over 1,000 team members, have mentored 100’s, been an executive recruiter and placing almost a 100.   One Executive and Professional at a time.   I have an MBA from UW-Madison, Go Badges! And Computer Information System degree from Northern Michigan University.   I’ve served in the industries of manufacturing, software development, healthcare, construction/architecture/engineering, real estate, and retail.   I’ve founded a Startup and exited from it and served multiple startups up to companies doing $50M in revenue and 300 employees strong.

My passion for career mentoring comes from finding myself in the job market after serving a company for 22 years.  A job and a company I loved.   At first, I was confident that I would consult for a couple of months then find an executive role.   Well, it took 18 months, burning through much of my savings and creating havoc on my relationships.     I came out committed to finding some answers to this challenging job market.   The market remains difficult despite the economy and unemployment rate.   I continued to serve and consult with business focusing on helping rapid growth companies build teams and a turn-a-round struggling, nearly to the point of collapse because of their inability to recruit and retain good talent.

Two years ago in 2017 I made the leap to form my own “Business of One” company – NotionPath – focusing first on recruiting to stabilized my income while I built my Career Mentoring – Get Hired practice.   I’ve supported over 100 executives and professionals as a career mentor and now working with a dozen in the program.   While working one-on-one is rewarding my goal is also to offer a group mentoring program to reach more.

People are an organization’s more valuable resource, and we need to put people back into the approach we use to find, recruit and retain the best talent.  To be the “best” talent one must take ownership of themselves, invest in their wellness and mindfulness, commit to not just owning the skills they need but also build a growth mindset and “grit.”    Grit – courage, resolve; and the strength of character.  The Power of Passion and Perseverance – Angela Duckworth.

Let’s do this together and make a difference in the organizations we serve.

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