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Without the Time, Resources and Risk of Failure that Self Publishing or Getting the Attention of a Publisher Requires

You have some great ideas. You may be a good writer with the help of a good copyeditor. If you checked in what it takes to publish a book, it sounds daunting. It is.

  • Expensive
  • Time Consuming
  • Filled with Pit holes
  • Finding the Resources You need

So for most, while all the benefits are clear…it get’s undone. Left on the bucket list to do.
Well, there is a better way. A proven method that starts with the first hurdle, building your community. We have a guided approach that leads you step-by-step and takes the risk and confusion out of it so you can focus on your idea and helping others.
Now, with the help of a proven publishing team at Something Or Other Publishing we have multiple ways for you to get started.

Publishing Coach - Discovery Call

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Schedule time to talk above -OR- drop me a short note at -OR- use the form below.   If interested in the Anthology idea, share a topic you are an expert on and what would consider contributing an article.  Want more info, follow the links below.

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Quick Start

Little time and Resources (have a business to run) here’s a great Option


Have A Book Idea

If your already have a book idea and want to get Started


Research Options

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