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Unemployed or Under Employed This Holiday Season?

Know Someone Who Is?  You Know How Much of a Challange It Is!  

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Most Read Articles of 2019

Eight Steps to take to go after the “Hidden” Job Market


Many experts believe that over 70% of jobs never get advertised. I would also suggest that for executive and senior-level roles that percentage may be even lower. If you are only looking for a new position on job boards, you are effectively limiting your search to less than 30% of the possible jobs available.

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Stuck in Job Board Hell?  Eight Steps to Breakout of this Madness

image Are you applying for roles but never hear back? Less than 1% of candidates that apply to job boards get a reply other than the standard “Thanks for applying…” or “Sorry but…” email. As someone who has hired 100’s of professionals, I can tell you from experience that employers are bombarded with applications these days. It’s administratively costly to personalize a response to anyone except for the candidates they feel are qualified for an interview.

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Is Consulting in Your Future? Time to think like one

Building your “Business of One”​

In today’s business world it’s difficult for any employer to guarantee employment.  There are just too many factors out of the control of companies – economy, legal, government, consumer preferences, competition, and mistakes by key leadership.

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