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I KNOW what employers want, I’ve heard them too.

We bring the intersection of that to…

Connect Good Companies with Great Talent!   

While there are plenty of challenges, the opportunity is everyone is facing them and…

It’s Not Your Fault 

You haven’t been shown a better way, a way to hack the process to get results, the insights that an experienced leader on your team can bring.

This is what we solve:

▪ The average job search is 22 to 34 weeks

▪ Job Boards are broken – we show you show to get around them

▪ 70% of jobs are “Hidden” – we’ll find them

▪ Traditional Resume and Cover letters are not working – I’ll show you how yours will get attention

▪ 95% of Employers/Recruiters/Businesses search LinkedIn …are you discoverable?

▪ Building a profitable business or consulting practice that can scale

▪ Direct, Clear advice – when you need it the most

Over the last eight years, I have perfected a process that isn’t a bunch of videos and a generic one-size-fits-all approach.  This custom one-on-one process, that gets results:  

✓ Discovery – get the focus and clarity you need

✓ Branding – Resume, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn Profiles that work

✓ Job Search processes to get around job boards and go after the “Hidden” Job Market

✓ Networking, rapid growth, without going to social events

✓ Interviewing methods to standout

This isn’t for everyone!   Neither is a Six-Figure Role.   It requires that you:

1) Invest in Yourself, Brand Yourself, Take Ownership of your Search

2) Be clear in showing your value and why you server the role you want 

3) or… to establish yourself as a business owner or consultant (Business of One).

Career Coaching

Professionals of all kinds, Consultants, C-Level, Executives,

including those seeking hard to get

Six-Figure Opportunities

I’ve coached 100’s, hired far more, one at a time

About Your Coach and Mentor

25 Years as a CEO, COO, or CFO

▪ He has hired 1,000’s and coached 100’s

▪ Executive Recruiter for multiple companies except I build relationships with senior management and owners – not just HR.

▪ Has a clear one-on-one career coaching process – no canned videos or one-size-fits-all approach

▪ Clear, direct, actionable advice in a done “together” approach

Getting Resuts Starts with a Phone Call - A Discovery Call

30 Minutes to understand your goals and share specific ideas to implement now and a plan to help you get the results you deserve.

What Other’s Have to Say

“I met David shortly after moving to the Madison area while facing a career change; in a new city, without much of a network to rely upon. David, from his many years of experience as a c-level leader, consultant, and career mentor/coach, brought an immediate understanding of the c-level role I wanted and helped me develop a plan to get one. He graciously helped me expand my network and introduced me to other local executives. David and I even worked together, serving a number of clients.

To this day, I routinely call on David for advice and counsel and consider him a friend and business partner.”


vCIO, Technology Leader & Consultant

“David and I have worked together on and off for several years. We share a passion for the publishing industry. I value David’s business and industry knowledge. I also have been able to work with him and the NotionPath team on Career Mentoring. David’s understanding of Recruiting and Business Development gives him a unique ability to help executives with the challenge of navigating today’s very challenging job search processes. I won’t hesitate to call on David again and look forward to an opportunity to again partner on projects and business in the future.”


President and Chief Content Architect

“I worked with David for mentoring during a career search and returning to the job market. His Discovery process was key to defining my job search goals and getting my resume and, most importantly, my LinkedIn profile working for me. Matter of fact, my profile immediately got the attention of employers and often had comments on how well the LinkedIn profile was done – they felt they knew me. As a result of David’s support within a few weeks, I was able to secure a role I’m thrilled with. I would highly recommend David as a career coach for anyone who is currently employed or in the job search market.”

Sharon Goes Here

Director of Business Development and Corporate Client Relations

“David was key in reframing my job search to be more successful. Through his process, I learned a lot about myself and how to better brand one of the toughest products there is to brand- my own talent!

 Because of his wisdom advice and insights, I not only landed a job that is a great fit, I learned how to better communicate my value.”


Manager, Marketing and Communications

“I’ve value working with David as a mentor in my career pursuits as a CFO. His executive and c-Level experience give him an understanding of what business owners seek and his outside-the-box thinking on branding, outreach, and how to connect with them has been very helpful. I continue to call on David and consider him a business partner to help me be the best CFO and business leader I can be. I highly recommend David to other c-Level executives that want to work with someone that immediately gets in and can help save a lot of time and resources not getting the results you deserve.”


Consultant - Chief Financial Officer

I started working with David as I was looking to expand my role at my current company. David’s Discovery process was very helpful in bringing out my value proposition. Combined with David’s business and marketing experience and his ability to think like an employer because he is one – I was able to pitch a career change idea to my employer. They loved it. I became very passionate about my future as I’m on a path I feel I can be very successful. I continue to call on and consider David a Career Mentor I trust and respect. I recommend him to everyone I know that needs support in their career or starting a career search.”


Agency Relationship Coordinator prompted to Client Executive

Still not sure if this is for you?   As you consider if working together makes sense I want to share eight steps you can apply now to change your outcome in your career.


Are you applying for roles but never hearing back?   Less than 1% of candidates that apply get a reply other than the standard “Thanks for applying…” or “Sorry but…” email.   To defend employers, yes I serve them too, they receive dozens or hundreds of applications.  It’s costly to personalize a response to all but the top 1% that they feel are qualified for an interview.   Their job is not to coach you.

Are you concerned your “experience” or age is a problem?  We do have an age discrimination problem and there IS a way to avoid it.   Over qualified, too expensive, resumes that come across as complex and long, or not clear what you want.   

Or just not sure how to stand out?  Our government and media telling us how great the job market is (and in some ways it is).   How do you get their attention?

Before I share some insights, I do want you to know first that your challenges are NOT YOUR FAULT.   You don’t have to tools and support you need to compete differently.  Few are!  Everyone is doing it wrong which leaves clear opportunities for those of us that apply different approaches.

Eight Steps to Improve Your Career Search Results

Warning - Six Figure Income Roles Take Grit
  1. STOP applying for every job you think is a close fit.

One of the reasons our job search process is broken is that the process of applying is so easy.   We click “Apply” to as many jobs as possible.  Doing so not only wastes your time but also could burn your bridge because if you are applying to multiple roles at the same employer you could be tagged and blacklisted by HR and Recruiters.   Instead, invest your time into creating a Plan

  1. Define a Job Search Plan

Apply your project management skills to this challenge.  If you have been out of the job market for years then do the research to learn how it’s changed…and boy has it.   Here are some ideas but for a simple outline of the planning process to use:

  • Discovery – get the clarity and focus you need for the roles you either need or want.
  • Branding – Your resume, LinkedIn Profile, cover letters, and networking are all tools that convey your Brand.
  • Job Search Techniques – This blog address one technique – using job boards.  30% of jobs are posted.   70% are not – the hidden job market – especially for leadership and executive roles.   Stay tuned or reach out for more on that approach.
  • Interviewing – you work so hard to get to this point…are you prepared?   Are you able to “Close” the deal?  Today employers are leveraging multiple tools – phone, video, panel interviews, behavior interviewing, etc. beware of how to excel at these methods.  Find some help doing a mock interview where you can get honest feedback. 
  • Mentoring – get help.  If it’s free help, be prepared to do something in return, or better first.   One word of caution – don’t just rely on friends or family – you need someone that not only understands the job market and search process but someone that will tell you like it is.
  1. Put your HR hat on and do your own skills and qualifications checklist

One of my basic tips is to put yourself in the shoes of employers.  Get clear on what they want.   What’s cool is that most employers provide a reasonability good job description – even bullet points with key skills, qualifications, and duties.  Treat that as a checklist and objectively walk through each and rate yourself.  If you can comfortability say you are 80% qualified…stop.  Ideally, you’ll be closer to 90%+.   Forget those job boards that try to tell you how qualified you are….they are just selling engagement…not matches.

  1. Employers hire Experts – brand yourself as one

Hiring managers need team members to help them solve problems.   It’s that simple.  .   Your resume, LinkedIn Profile, Cover letters, and networking are all tools to showcase your brand.  While your Resume can be somewhat a matter of fact, use these other tools to also communicate your WHY, your MISSION, and your VALUES.  Many of you may have had a part in helping your employer define and communicate theirs….do it for yourself.   Be a “Business of One” to help get your message and value proposition out there. 

  1. Accomplishments – Accomplishments – Accomplishments

Focus on the pains you solve, how you solve them, and the results you have delivered.   By the way, this is a basic formula for writing your Accomplishments.  PAR = Pain, Action, and Result.   And wherever possible use numbers to quantify, give scope and scale to your accomplishments.  That can be challenging but SO POWERFUL.  Highlight your best accomplishments at the top of your resume, LinkedIn Profile, and while networking.   And yes, be comfortable “professionally” bragging about yourself.  

  1. Use a Resume that is easy to scan and read    First off, I believe that most professionals and ALL executives should own the creation and editing of your resume.   That’s not a criticism of writers, there is a role for good grammar, storytelling, formatting, etc. but realize resume writers’ customers are you…the candidate.  Your target audience is HR, Recruiters, and Hiring managers so work with professionals that know that audience.   Especially manages and owners.   Another tip, if anyone says they can write a resume they can guarantee gets through an ATS (Application Tracking System – the software employers use on job boards to submit and process your resume).. then run. No one can guarantee it.  Some of the basic tips for improving the scanning of your resume are to keep it simple, with one font, no italics, font size above 11 points, single column, and no graphics.  And the biggest tip is to write it for humans to easily can and read.   Recruiters take 6 seconds to scan a resume and determine if it’s work reading.  Make sure they can clearly tell what job you want, your key skills and qualifications, and can easily scan your work experience.
  • Connect with Hiring Managers in one of two ways and ask for an interview
  • Research the company and hiring managers and discover compelling – emotional connections
  • Focus on a couple of key accomplishments – pains that you have solved, how you solved them, and the result
  1. Invest in yourself

9. Find a Mentor

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