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NotionPath helps Build Teams with Great Talent so companies can scale. 

We bring innovative solutions to address our Broken Recruiting Processes.

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Recruiting as a Service (RaaS)

Recruiting solutions that work – from within, attracting the right talent, and scaling your company requires the right talent.

Career Coaching


Put a CEO/COO/CFO on your team to get the results you deserve.

Team Building


Grow your talent from within, builds people leadership skills, accountability, and goal orientated.

About Me

David brings 25 years of serving Startups and high-growth small to mid-size companies (up to 200 employees and $100M in Revenue) plus ten years of coaching business owners and professionals in their Career search.   David has served as a CEO, COO, and CFO, building teams to scale companies. Two years on Inc 5,000 fastest growing companies. Leveraging various tools and clear processes to develop our most important assets – our people.  Driving results and shareholder value → People * Process * Profits.

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Most companies invest in products, sales, marketing, and financial experts.  Yet, Human Resources is often an afterthought, just administration.  Instead, I propose we should start with the HR team, Hiring Managers, and key “people” processes to scale and succeed.  And for the great Talent out there – a better way to connect with Employers.

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