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  • Career Coaching – GetHired Coaching and Career Mentoring
  • “Business of One” Coaching – Consultants, Coaches, Solo-Entrepreneurs
  • Authors – Self Publishing

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Pains we Solve

  • Average Job Search takes 22 to 34 weeks – longer for Executives and Senior Professionals
  • Employers Hire Specialists not Generalists
  • Job Boards are Broken – Less than 3% of candidates receive any feedback
  • Hidden Job Market – 70% of Jobs never get Posted
  • Branding Tools – Resume, Profile, and Cover Letter are radically different yet the key to being discovered
  • Building a Network even if you have no network at all
  • Interviewing is being done wrong by 90% of Professionals, and most Employers

How We Help

  • Get the Focus and Clarity You Need to Standout
  • Navigate our Processes
    • Broken Job Career Processes
    • Establishing and Growing Your Business
    • Getting Published
  • Build Powerful Networks and Communities
  • Create Long Term Sustainable Paths to Prosperity

Business Consulting

  • Strategic Planning and Execution Management
  • Financial – Interim CFO/Controller
  • SaaS/Tech Business Scaling and Funding

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Pains We Solve

  • Connecting Vision with Action – Getting the Right Stuff Done
  • Most Financial Measures are trailing indicators or not actionable in real-time
  • Understanding Financial Measures, KPI’s ORK’s and Leading Indicators, so the right actions and communication takes place now
  • Less than 5% of SaaS Companies Receive Funding yet Investors are on the Sidelines wanting to invest – there is NOT a lack of money – and recipe to attract it
  • Scaling a Company is more challenging than coming up with great ideas

How We Help

  • 10% Planning – 90% Action – Connecting People * Process * Profits
  • Financial Reporting for Startups to Mid-Size Companies
    • Leading Indicators, KPI’s, ORK’s
    • Fiscal Reporting to Owners or Investors
    • Communicating Financial Information to Leadership and the Team
  • SaaS/Tech Business Support Partnering with
    • Filling the Gap Accelerators and Incubators don’t serve
    • Supporting Establish Companies adopting SaaS for growth
    • Have raised over $50M – Understand what Investors Want

Team Building

  • Recruiting Solutions – Retained, Contingency, Recruiting Outsourced Processes – Consulting
  • Retention Solutions – Executive and Team Coaching, Professional Development
  • Team Building – Scaling, Assessments, Action Plans aligned with Strategy

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Pains We Solve

  • Recruiting Process is Broken and Expensive – for Organizations and Talent
  • 70% of Employees are Not Engaged
  • Turnover rates are growing as Talent has more options
  • Employer Branding and Culture is not truely impact growth and profits (for the Company and team members)

How We Help 

  • Recruiting Solutions NOT offered by Agencies and Headhunters at affordable pricing
  • Partner with your Team to build capability in-house
  • Employer Branding, Culture, Accountability Building
  • Align Business Mission and Goals with Employee Goals

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Do any of these things sound like you?

 Have you been struggling in a job search for months, maybe years?

 Do you feel that you are the victim of Ageism?

 Are you convinced that Job Boards and Application Tracking Software are Broken?

 Are You Not hearing back from Employers!?

 How do you effectively Network and find those “Hidden Jobs” everyone talks about?

 Are you getting Interviews, but no Offers?

 Is this impacting your finances, family, and well being?

The Recruiting Industry and Processes are Broken!

→ It’s not serving Professionals or Employers

→ Retaining and Developing Your Senior Leaders is now a Differenciator of Successful Team Building

→ Join us as we provide new solutions to the challenge of Recruiting and Coaching Top Talent.

Leverage the experience of a C-Level Executive to Find Top Talent 

We Serve Employers and Top Talent with:

→ Professional and Executive Recruiting

→ Executive Coaching

→ Career Mentoring

→ C-Suite Professionals – 1099 Contractors

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Thank you for visiting NotionPath! 

My name is David McKnight, you may have seen me on LinkedIn.   I have been very fortunate to spend the last 20 years serving Startups to Mid-Size companies in C-Level roles.   A common thread on these roles has been recruiting and building great teams.   I have been very hands-on with the process on all Leadership roles.    Sure, I’ve made some mistakes but also found ways to leverage technology, assessments, interviewing including listening skills, and building relationships.

I’ve enjoyed other aspects of being a business leader.  Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis, Business Development management (just ask me about sales and marketing), coached and created 100’s of professional development plans.  And yes I’ve vacuumed my share of floors, answered the phone and printed and sorted hundreds of reports.   But one common theme has been my ability to recruit and build teams – it’s a passion, what I’m good at.   Now, under my NotionPath brand, it’s my focus 100% of the time.

NotionPath is a boutique agency focusing on only a few employers with a focus on C-Level and Senior level positions, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, HR, Tech.   This allows us to dive deep with the leadership team to give us the ability to develop a relationship and build that employers team…long-term.  My other goal is building relationships with the talent too.   Coaching, professional development, mentoring – before and after the placement.  I’m here for them to help them in their professional careers.

Lastly, while clearly, I believe a professional recruiter brings great value to employers I also believe that employers need to be awesome at recruiting and retaining their own teams.  Especially for mid to entry level roles.   Employer Branding, Applicant Tracking Systems, solid hiring practices and I mean solid, use of assessments, onboarding…are all critical to business success.  As is retention – culture, people alignment with strategy, professional development, team building and team results, governance, clear and measurable processes, and servant leadership.

30 Second Profile on David – or check out my LinkedIn Profile .

  • BS in Computer Information Science, Northern Michigan Univ, Go Wildcats!
  • MBA from UW-Madison, Go Badgers!
  • 22 Years with Omnipress – 3 as CFO and 8 of those proudly serving as their CEO
  • 4 years serving Startups – Shoutlet, Spendsetter, Moontoast, IconiCare, and several more under NotionPath
  • 3 Years with Iconica as their COO
  • Certificates in: PMP, Product Development and Management, Sandler Sales Training, SolutionsPeople – Innovation, Quick Response Management and QROC
  • Competencies with: Agile/Scrum, Lean, SixSigma, a host of collaboration software – love Slack, more CRM’s/ERP’s and Accounting software than I can count.  An expert on Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.   Prefer Mac’s but PC friendly too.
  • Business Strengths are on: Strategic Planning, Business Development Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Accounting and Financial Analysis, all aspects of HR, Tech and software development mostly SaaS solutions
  • PASSIONATE and SUCCESSFUL with building Great Teams – Executive and Professional Recruiting – Recruiting Solutions – I believe successful Employers that want to grow will need a proven process to build that team – AND KEEP THEM with clear intent and focus on Retention.   Ask me how!

REACH ME HERE:    608-695-8438

Employers looking for Top Talent

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What do Employers think?

David McKnight and NotionPath are a valuable resource to Sullivan designBUILD in providing management and human resource consulting especially with Recruiting important professional roles.   David listens and understands our needs and delivers highly professional candidates that are a great fit for the role and our culture.   He gets it right quickly saving us from having to interview several candidates.   – John Riley, CEO Sullivan designBUILD

John Riley photo

John Riley

CEO / Sullivan designBUILD

I had the privilege of working with David for several years at Omnipress. These were high growth years at the company and David’s performance & expertise in areas of HR, IT, accounting and other financial responsibilities helped contribute to the company’s growth and success.

Steve Harrell


Steve Harrell

General Manager/CEO / Omnipress

David has been instrumental in the recruitment process from identification to screening to nurturing of technology sales talent. His leadership skills, experience, and consultation have been valuable resources to me in the early stages of building a successful sales team.

Greg C

Greg Colins

VP Sales / Shoutlet


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What do Placements say about working with David?

David was incredible during the interview process and continues to be a resource. David is invested in,not only the company goals, but individual’s personal career goals. There have been several instances where he has gone out of his way to send tips or articles my way. David’s tips, articles and book suggestions are directly responsible in helping me develop areas where I had been struggling. Totally revolutionized my prospecting style! Many thanks and high recommendations. He is a great asset to Shoutlet.


Amy Hale

Inside Sales Executive / Shoutlet

David was instrumental in helping me secure my sales position at Shoutlet. He helped guide me through the screening process and ultimately gave me the tools and resources I needed to prepare for my interview. David’s knowledge and guidance not only helped me prepare, but gave me a clear idea of the company and position I was applying for. A true professional, he followed up with me throughout the process and helped give me valuable insight into how I can continue to be successful in sales. I would highly recommend David as a valuable resource to any organization.


Kari Schneider

Inside Sales Executive / Shoutlet

David is a great recruiter. David connected with me to see if I might be a good fit for a sales position. He was very professional and respectful when he reached out to me. Because of this I wanted to learn more about the opportunity. David is a very intelligent person and fun to talk to. If I were looking to grow a strong team at any company, I would definitely hire David to lead the process. I now work with much of the talent he recruited, and he did a great job!


Cody E. Wiseman

Thanks, David….and by the way…THANKS for following up with me and keeping in touch. It’s clear you’re genuinely interested in helping me find a position and are a proactive person. I’ve reached out to at least 35 or so recruiters on LinkedIn who have either not bothered to accept my connection or have accepted, but simply don’t communicate. A handful say “thanks” or “will do” but many of them just remain silent. At first, I thought it was me…but I’ve had several friends with the same experience…they’re looking for a job and reach out to recruiters, but the recruiters don’t seem to be responsive. I don’t understand it myself. Anyways, I’m glad to be working with someone like you who actually seems to be involved in the process of helping candidates find positions.

Dan just him


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Phone:      608-695-8438

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